PT. Dwi Cakra Manunggal

Established since 2006 and supported by professional engineers (Mechanical & Electrical Engineers). Based on spirit of professionalism and creativity, it must give the best service and technology to the customers. Our source strength are the building and developing of relationship between customers, staff / engineer and partners / suppliers. Has a principled always to keep commitment, to sets out “Win-Win Solution” in the handling of the projects and to give the solution of customer’s problems. Thank you for your cooperation. It is one of companies engaged in both Mechanical – Electrical Engineering, Constructor and Supplier which is located at :


PT. Dwi Cakra Manunggal
Intiland Tower – 3rd Floor, Suite 2F 

Jl. Panglima Sudirman 101-103, SURABAYA 60271
Phone. (031) 5487059
Fax. (031) 5487060


Best Regards,

Joseph Francis Kurnya